Beyond my Control
Epilepsy, Seizure Surgery & Beyond
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Beyond my Control
My depiction of an epileptic seizure
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Temporal lobe epilepsy & the paranormal
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Stuart Ross McCallum shares a true account of his battle with epilepsy - beginning with the peculiar sensations he experienced as a teenager that led to his diagnosis and concluding with his eventual recovery from a temporal lobectomy.

McCallum vividly describes his twenty-year journey of living with epilepsy and how this unpredictable condition has not only impacted his life but the lives of everyone around him.

Beyond my Control is an inspirational book for the millions of people who suffer from this insidious condition, and family and friends who are directly affected.

Beyond my Control  provides an honest, emotional look into a highly complex and often misunderstood condition and how one man's perseverance helped him break through the darkness to find hope on the other side.


A powerful (true story) of hope and courage, for anyone struggling.